Up to 90% of direct mail gets opened, compared to only 20-30% of emails.

We know how hard it is to reach out to customers but our experts with direct mail allow your brand to cross that ugly spam folder and get in the hands of your customers inbox. Not only does it increase your sales but work as a reminder of your brand’s presence in the eyes of potential customers so you don’t feel left out!

Multiple Channels Leading

Collectively, there are uncountable reasons for making direct mail your habit as it can benefit your organization in the most efficient way, it works with reaching out to thousands of customers around you through multiple channels leading to your amazing brand’s image working towards potential clients. While being known in the market as the cheapest route to success, it is the effective way to keep you on the charts of growth.

With traditional marketing, you get a 50% chance of convincing a customer to listen to your sales pitch, while making it hard to connect with the customers. Direct mail ensures that your customer is engaged with either it is a promotional offer or an upcoming event.

“Use it like a voucher or keep it like a bond – it’s fun for all” – either you are an emerging entrepreneur or a well settled business, direct mail helps in reminding customers about your existing and the mission you serve in helping clients with their needs and wants.

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